Welcome to the site of EXPLICATE: Exploring Learners Interested in Construct And Theory Explication.

We are a network of people committed to improving explication of psychological constructs and theories. This explication can aid, for example:

  1. a shift towards formal modeling;
  2. practising epistemic iteration;
  3. improving measurement practices;
  4. better specification of applications of psychology

One of the tools we use for this are Decentralized Construct Taxonomy specifications, or DCT specifications, and the repositories holding those, such as PsyCoRe.one.

We have a WhatsApp group to share our experiences, as well as channels in the sharing.opens.science MatterMost instance (MatterMost is an open source alternative to Slack or Teams).

WhatsApp is for quick, ephemeral communication, whereas MatterMost is better suited for conversations that are more serious, take place over a longer period, and need e.g. threading or the retention of what’s being said. We’re not sure yet how this will work and how these channels will develop over time and relative to each other, but for now this seems a reasonable approach.

If you would like to join the WhatsApp group and/or MatterMost, you can contact one of the members of the network.